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  • Mommy & Me and Drop off Classes
  • Parent University
  • Birthday Parties & Table Rentals
  • Special Events
  • Summer Camp & Vacation Workshops
  • Drop off Babysitting

Donation Dropoffs

We accept donations on the first Monday and Tuesday of the month from September to July, during center hours. Here is the list of items you can donate.

Yahoo Group

Yahoo! Groups
Ever have a question about your child or about the community? Some parents at the PRC have started their own Yahoo Group where anyone can post and get answers. Join the discussion at PortWParents.

Celebrating 35 years of the PRC

JQxyDnOhPKtojWWXzPa8ne_bMj8zen35hN8vurCQRWA,Zd58tjqjjiU3m0S0I8H2NcSRtKZmVGq7gK9k3-X5t6kIt sounds corny, but we're truly honored to serve as Co-Presidents for the Parent Resource Center. For both of us, the PRC's Mothers of Infants class we took as new moms not only made us feel less isolated (as new moms with infants often feel) but also made us feel supported and confident in our parenting decisions. In terms of our "parenting life", that singular class was one of the best decisions we made.

The Parent Resource Center has always been an organization with a huge heart and has been a tremendous resource in our community but, as a 35 year old nonprofit, it also needs a little TLC. We're so thrilled to be part of a smart, committed, and driven group of parent volunteers that serve as the organization's Board of Directors this year and we're really looking forward to ramping things up: renovated facility, parents' lounge with wifi, updated programming, support groups, social events, and a whole lot more. We hope you're excited, too!

The PRC was created by parents with young kids for parents with young kids and if you have any feedback, ideas, or if you would like to get more involved then we'd love to hear from you.

Looking forward to all of the excitement to come!

Amanda Khalil & Arlette Landers

August 2015