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PRC Features

  • Mommy & Me and Drop off Classes
  • Parent University
  • Birthday Parties & Table Rentals
  • Special Events
  • Summer Camp & Vacation Workshops
  • Drop off Babysitting

Upcoming Events

  • Summer Camp - July 6th - August 14th
  • Summer Classes - July 6th - August 14th
  • Summer Concert Series - July28th, August 4th, August 11th
  • Fall Semester begins September 14th, Schedule available soon

Donation Dropoffs

We accept donations on the first Monday and Tuesday of the month from September to July, during center hours. Here is the list of items you can donate.

Yahoo Group

Yahoo! Groups
Ever have a question about your child or about the community? Some parents at the PRC have started their own Yahoo Group where anyone can post and get answers. Join the discussion at PortWParents.

Celebrating 35 years of the PRC

The Parent Resource Center. A Cooperative.
Established by Parents, for Parents & Kids. Creating lifelong Friendships since 1980.

Fairly new to town myself, literally every Mom I have met speaks fondly of their own #portprc story: meeting great friends here. Indeed, I have met some wonderful people whom I am able to call my friends. I feel a deep responsibility picking up the role of President of such an important organization and one that has touched the lives of so many families in our #community over our 35 year history.

This year, our Staff, Teachers and parent-led Board are committed to continuing the PRC tradition of being the place our little ones and their parents build lifelong friendships while navigating those early childhood milestones - having barrels of fun all the while of course!

On the agenda for the organization is striving to meet the changing needs of the families in our town and continuing the tradition of forming friendships for Parents, Kids and Caregivers alike. We believe we are doing all we can to make our area more than a place to live, we here at the PRC, love our #community.

We operate as a volunteer driven cooperative to do this work, meaning we need your help! If you have an idea for improvement, have a special talent or interest, please drop us a line. or call 516 767 3808 (9am-2pm Mon-Fri).

Together with our wonderful parent volunteers, we make the PRC and our #community great.

One final note: A special shout out to Nicole Scotti Loiacono for her work for our #portprc and our #community in the past couple of years as the President. We thank you for all your time and efforts and wish you well with your new baby girl - so we'll be seeing you at "Mothers of Infants", right?!? 😉

Danielle Goodsell-Nicodemou
August 2014