The Parent Resource Center helps youth play, learn and grow in a welcoming, safe space while empowering parents and caregivers with invaluable resources.

Sponsorship and advertising dollars are 100% reinvested into the programs and operations we offer our member families. Your contribution will make it possible for us to continue to provide these services.

Give back to the community and reach new audiences by:

  • Sponsoring weekly programs, special events, performances, special celebrations, Spring Gala, or Outreach programs.
  • Advertising in our biannual newsletter or in the Gala journal.

The PRC works with its partners to maximize brand identity and ensure visibility with our target audience, who include:

  • Over 400 active local families members, as well local businesses and community leaders.

Please review our current advertising rates and contact the office at 516- 767-3808 or email [email protected].

Sponsor & Media Support Guide

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