Careers at the PRC

If you love working with children, and enjoy being part of an unique organization that serves the needs of the community, the PRC could be a great way to build credentials in early childhood education.

About the PRC

At the PRC it is our job to consistently provide valuable and quality early childhood education (physical, music, art, science & socialization) to children at all stages of development from infants and toddlers to preschoolers. Our teachers on staff are essential for the PRC to provide consistency and excellence in our overall programming. Teachers help maintain all spaces utilized by the PRC, assist other PRC teachers during class as well as plan and organize their own classes at the PRC. Teaching Assistants play a vital role in ensuring that all of our students are looked after while making sure that our our PRC teachers are adequately prepared to carry out their lessons for our students.

We were formed over 35 years ago to provide quality affordable early childhood education to children at all stages of development – from infants and toddlers to preschoolers – in one of the best regarded school districts in New York state. We are a cooperative – which means parents who bring their children here for classes are also invited to become paying members of our non-profit organization that volunteer their time to support PRC programs and events.  We also run a highly regarded Outreach program called “Stepping Stones” for low income families from the surrounding area.

Employment Opportunities at the Parent Resource Center (PRC):

Position Title:  PRC Staff Teacher

Necessary Skills/Qualifications:

–  Prior experience in early childhood education or working with young children o to 5 years required.

–   Must be able to strive to provide a positive experience for all of the families in our programs.

–  Desire to see and facilitate the growth of friendships in classes for children, and their caregivers.

–   Must be self-motivated and able to handle unplanned situations when they arise.

–   Must be flexible and able to work as part of a team and need to be timely, reliable and consistent.

–  One must project enthusiasm, be nurturing and friendly.

Evaluated by/Reports to: Director of Operations

Days/Hours:  Varies

How to apply for employment:

Please prepare the following information and either call us at 516-767-3808 to make an appointment at our Main Office, or click here to email the PRC Director of Operations directly.  Our business hours are Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm & Friday 9am-2pm.

  • Your resume with your level of education and recent experience with children and education
  • The names and contact information of at least (2) professional references

If you are called for an interview, please be prepared to provide us with (2) forms of identification and proof of citizenship. We are an equal opportunity employer.